We’re Thankful for Friends like Gary …

Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a friend like Gary.  He’s the kind of no-nonsense guy you want to have “in your corner” when you’re facing tough times. He’s also right there with you when you’re celebrating the good ones.

I’ve known Gary for close to 30 years.  We first met as young colleagues, establishing our private psychotherapy practices in Northbrook. We’d get together to compare notes, seek advice on how to better help our clients and share information related to our profession.  Over time, we also became friends and then good friends.

I got to know his wife Marti and their two sons, too, and witnessed first-hand the kind of caring and devoted husband and father he is.  There’s so much to admire and respect.

His appreciation for life is quietly remarkable. He is reliable, stable, and fully engaged with life. His track record is one of continually seeking to personally improve himself as well as finding creative solutions that actually work in dealing with problems and challenges.

This is true in his professional life as well as in his family life.  Gary brings a genuine sense of purpose, determination and commitment to each client that transcends the ordinary. He connects and responds to people with an ease that offers understanding and hope while remaining grounded and realistic.

Gary also knows how to have a good time.  He has an enthusiasm and enjoyment of the pleasures and experiences in his life, including (though not limited to) family milestones and his travels.

I think that it’s important to point out that, as long as I’ve known Gary, he has taken extremely good care of himself…regular exercise, healthy eating, regularly scheduled medical visits and a balance of activity with rest. He ha always done all he can to stay healthy.

I say a prayer every night that a special someone will donate a kidney to this special man.


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One thought on “We’re Thankful for Friends like Gary …

  1. Marti Greenberg

    As of this January, Gary will have been a practicing psychologist for 50 years!!! What a major milestone. Think of all the adolescents and families he has helped over the years. Yikes!!

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