Social Media- What’s the Verdict?

ImageSocial media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

What is the verdict?  Has social media helped or hurt our efforts to find Gary a living kidney donor?

Let’s turn to our three social media gurus……

It all started on October 28 when we learned of Gary’s prognosis.  Laura Fox, Gary’s niece was contacted and within 24 hours she had our story splashed on the Internet through our customized website and Facebook page which she created.  In 24 hours we were telling our story to thousands of people.

Laura had to step away from the campaign to welcome their second child into the family.  In walked two more incredibly sharp social media specialists Marilyn Mages and Alicia Carpenter.

Marilyn came to us with an extensive background in communication.  She was excited about making a contribution to our cause, to making a difference in our lives.  She believes that social media is a very important tool for generating exposure and recruiting people to help.

“Stepping outside of yourself and helping another person is important.  It really does take a village.” Marilyn shared.

When Marilyn joined Team Gary she brought with her another maverick, Alicia Carpenter.  Alicia has a background in graphic design and marketing.  She was attracted to social media because she saw it as the “up and coming” method.

Alicia has been very creative in using social media to spread the word on our behalf.  She knows how to think outside the box to get the job done.

Alicia feels “social media helped to spread the word, gained us more followers, assisted in Team Gary community building and helped to educate the public on the need for living organ donation.”

Well the verdict is in…..
Thanks to Laura, Marilyn, and Alicia social media has been a tremendous asset in our efforts to find Gary a living kidney donor.  More than 12 individuals from across the country have stepped up to be tested.  We are hoping to have good news soon that a viable donor is found, Gary is cleared for the surgery and the transplant is scheduled.

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6 thoughts on “Social Media- What’s the Verdict?

  1. Sandee Holleb

    Gary, hang in there! I have faith in people, a belief that the right person is about to show up. As you celebrate Passover you can relate to how difficult it is to escape from bondage. But escape they did, and so will you!

    • Gary Greenberg

      Sandee: Thanks so much for your kind and inspiring words. Have a wonderful Passover.

  2. Marti Greenberg

    Dear Sandee. You are such a source of strength to us. Thank you for being there! Hope you have a beautiful Passover.

    • sharon silver

      Stay strong, I love Sandee’s words. With so many good people pulling for you, it’s gonna happen! God bless!

      • Marti Greenberg

        Hi Sharon.

        Thanks so much. Wishing you and yours a lovely Passover.

      • Gary Greenberg

        Thanks so much Sharon for more inspiring words. Have a wonderful Passover.

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