Gary Campaign – Such Humanity

Wow- I could not believe those words.  The words from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital transplant team nurse, “Mrs. Greenberg, you can put a hold on your search for a living kidney donor.”

What?  Really? I exclaimed.  What does that mean? I asked.  The nurse explained that they were working up a strong candidate and there are one half dozen potential donors as back up.

I was in shock and disbelief.  I was beside myself – giddy with excitement, overwhelmingly relieved, and consumed with gratitude and love.  Full of love for people I did not even know; yes, complete strangers because individual potential donors are anonymous.  Maybe the person is my neighbor, the clerk at the local Jewel, a congregational member I see at Kol Shabbat on Saturday mornings, maybe an old high school pal or a person from across the country in Oregon.  I have no idea, yet I immediately feel unconditional love and gratitude for this person and the rest of those who have stepped forward.

Now what?  Next steps include Gary going through a rigorous battery of pre-transplant testing.  We have completed two trying days so far. May 13 will be our third day of several doctor appointments and tests.

Will Northwestern give Gary the green light to move forward?

Will a living kidney donor sustain his or her courage and generosity through to surgery day?

Oh my, please continue to stay with us and hold us close, as we venture forward on this uncertain journey. Your compassion and kindness, and your humanity give us strength and courage each and every day.

Love Marti

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4 thoughts on “Gary Campaign – Such Humanity

  1. Kelly Goldberg

    Marti…Gary’s brave, strong warrior. Amen.

  2. Jill Jacobs

    Thank God. Peace, blessing, and all good to you.

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