Gary Health Update

Gary_outsideGary’s journey has had many twists and turns since we last spoke with you.  After an exhaustive search for answers over the last 8 months we have landed on the best treatment plan for Gary at this time.

We first had to clarify and remind ourselves what our goal is.  The goal here is to choose a treatment that can provide Gary with the best quality of life and the greatest life expectancy.

We have decided that Gary will not have a kidney transplant at this time.  He will be monitored on a monthly basis and check in with the transplant team every three months.  Gary’s kidney function has not improved per se but it has stabilized.  He is currently free of symptoms.  He is feeling pretty good.

We have been advised to stay on the current course unless any one of the following three circumstances occurs:

  1. Gary’s medical test results take a turn for the worse
  2. Gary has a collection of symptoms
  3. We are at risk of losing our beautiful and generous living donor

We are at peace with this decision for now.  We want to just move forward and enjoy life. We feel so much love and gratitude to all of you who have and continue to stand by our side.

We pray and hope that our current viable living donor and the backup donors will not abandon us.  We hope they will continue to make themselves available when the timing is right, when the transplant becomes Gary’s only chance for a quality of life and greater life expectancy.

In the meantime, a big piece of “enjoying life” for us is helping others.  We plan to devote much of our time giving back, joining others in trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Sending love and gratitude…

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