From Science Fiction to Miracle

Yesterday we spent yet another day being re-evaluated at yet another kidney transplant center.  Although now, it is different.  There is urgency in the mix.  Yes, when Gary turns 80, in 9 months a kidney transplant is off the table. Sitting with the Froedtert Hospital kidney transplant team members it felt very different.  It is no longer a theoretical conversation.  Now we are asking for another human being who has lost their life to give Gary one of his or her organs to then put in Gary’s body to help him live longer and have a better quality of life.  Oh My.  Years back this would have sounded like material for a science fiction movie.  The medical community has come so far.  What a miracle.  I/We are in awe.  We do not take this lightly.  We feel there is a very good chance Milwaukee will pass on Gary.  For many reasons, I would guess, but we are speculating that his age and the wait list at their place is just not a good fit.  Their wait list is 6-8 years.  Gary would be ineligible by the time a kidney would probably be available at their center.  We could be wrong but don’t think so.  They will call us this Friday, March 29, with their answer.  Are we grateful to science and all the people who came before us, those who have lost their lives and those who have gained life as a result, yes.  Grateful to the moon and back. Filled with love and appreciation for the gift of life.

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