No Magic Bullet

As we get closer to receiving “the” call tomorrow from Milwaukee and Madison transplant teams, one’s thoughts start to wander to the seriousness of the path we may be taking. There is no magic bullet for a person who has no functioning kidneys. All remedies are loaded with risks, side effects, life style implications.  Thoughts are moving from jubilation at the prospect of  being given a choice to fear and apprehension from all the “what ifs” surrounding very risky and complicated organ transplant surgery.  Let’s see…Let Go Let God…..Keep the Faith…..What Will be Will be…..Fate….Destiny…. Turn it Over… How does one get comfortable with the daunting prospects that lie ahead? How about turning to the awe and wonder of life.  Turning to the love and support that surrounds us from our beautiful family and friends, the wind beneath our wings.  There may be no magic bullet to fix Gary but there is the Magic of Love.

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One thought on “No Magic Bullet

  1. Sandee

    Dear, dear Marti. I cannot tell you how many times in a day my thoughts turn to Gary and to you. There is no more helpless feeling than one where we who are people of action have to just wait. Where we cannot portend the future, we remain full of hope. Sending love and prayers.

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